When it comes to any tech equipment R&D or problems, Jouni is the real Pro with all the answers. He has over a decade of experience in training government, special forces and regular divers to service their gear. Jouni is Technical Full Cave diver, photographer and a gemologist. When he is not diving or servicing equipment, he’s fixing classic cars or enjoying working with diamonds and gemstones or kitesurfing somewhere in warm waters.


Master Instructor, Tech Instructor and Full Cave diver, who has been working full time teaching in some of the best spots in the world such as the Red Sea, Asia, Europe and Australia. At the weekends he enjoys tea and biscuits.


Founded in 2015, Expedition Divers was the result of years of global exploration in over fifty countries ranging from sky diving, ice climbing, dirt biking, road trips, trekking, safaris, and of course diving. We are a group of like minded technical divers and instructors committed to organizing training and adventure travel experiences on this playground some call planet Earth.


Navigating in the ocean of professional dive training and certification agencies can be a challenge. TDI, GUE, IANTD, NSS-CDS, PADI, ANDI, CMAS and IDREO are just a few examples. People often ask for differences in the training approaches and we encourage everyone to choose an instructor rather than an agency. This enables you to become a thinking diver rather than procedural diver. Would you rather miss an adventure of a lifetime than dive with someone who's card has a different acronym than yours? Best exploration teams, same as consulting teams in business are formed of people with different strengths from different backgrounds. At advanced level the differences are small and forging a safe and efficient expedition team is usually a matter of discussing, planning and diving together before big dives.


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Trimix and Full Cave Instructor, Adventure sports enthusiast and world traveller. When Matt's not diving you'll find him on a road trip to Yosemite, trekking in Laos or relaxing in an onsen in Japanese country side.


Dive Instructor, EFR Instructor Trainer, Cavern Instructor, Full Cave and Trimix technical diver, who's usually found sidemounting under ice near the Arctic circle or riding a dirt bike in the jungles of Thailand. Capable of driving anything with wheels at incredible speeds.

About us

expedition Divers

  • Dive certification programs from entry level to Advanced Trimix and Full Cave training
  • Equipment consulting, service and maintenance
  • EFR, ERDI, Red Cross, CPR, TCCC and other safety training
  • Location scouting
  • Custom itineraries
  • Liveaboards
  • Adventure Travel